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Remote Data Logging

View your remote data logger measurements anywhere. Connect via cell modem, view in your browser.

Condition Monitoring

Machine monitoring and supervision with tight integration to NI LabVIEW

Worldwide Testing

Field-test your prototypes. Bring together your distributed measurements from Embedded platforms.

Energy Data

Measure power consumption, power generation, etc to optimize for cost and safety.

Environmental Data

Weather, climate and environmental data from any site and any sensor.

Production and test monitoring

Add monitoring to your production floor and your test rigs running NI LabVIEW or TestStand.

Increase uptime

Schedule maintenance downtime better, prevent catastrophic failure. Warn customers before something bad happens.

Manage machines from anywhere

Remotely monitor and supervise distributed machines and devices. Provide connected services to your customer.

Lower maintenance costs

Have better insight into how your machines and devices are doing. Schedule maintenance visits and downtimes more efficiently.

Increase customer satisfaction

Provide better services with your machines, quicker. Improve customer experience and deepen your relationship with them.

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