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How to choose the right device monitoring strategy

Head over to our page on LinkedIn to learn what to consider when working on a strategy for monitoring devices or machines. Let all your departments and teams have a say in the decision making process.

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How to get started with and LabVIEW – connect your machine to the cloud

Watch our short instructional video to learn how to get your machines and devices online within minutes. Connect your machine to the cloud using LabVIEW and Monitor your measurements in real-time.

100 Dollar bills

Data is the new currency – monetize IoT solutions today!

As some put it, the Internet of Things has reached “peak hype“, the peak of inflated expectations. However, there is no reason to dismiss the idea entirely and move on to more tangible things just

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a legcay device

Top 5 reasons to bring your machines online now.

In engineering today, many cloud-enabled tools are available to help increase productivity and simplify interacting with co-workers wherever they may be located. Take the typical tasks of taking meeting notes, sharing report documents or spreadsheets,

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Do you learn from your engineering mistakes?

The M2M (machine-to-machine communication) market has been growing for quite some time. Mostly used for remote servicing of production plants, custom machines and the like, the advent of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has turned everyone’s awareness

Put your prototypes to the test.

While crowdfunding platforms such as kickstarter have revolutionized the way new product development can be funded, the development process still follows the same basic rules. One of these rules is, once a product design is

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Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things. In Europe, “Industrie 4.0” and its interconnected, intelligent machines are touted the future of manufacturing as we know it, supposedly ushering in the next industrial revolution. The

The story behind – from its inception to where it is now – has been a joint effort of a successful National Instruments Alliance Partner: Erdos Miller, based in Houston, TX and Peter Adelhardt, a former National

Welcome to

Welcome to  – the new platform to manage your machine and measurement data online. These days everyone is talking about the Internet of Things and how all machines and devices will be connected in