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LabVIEW and thin clients

For those of you who attended NI Week, you might recall a demo on the

Tired of using VPNs for remotely monitoring machines? Us too.

For many years, the most reliable way to connect to distributed control systems has been:

Production Floor

Increase your measurement data visibility

When handling large amounts of distributed data sources, having a well-defined concept to store and manage

Engineering Solutions in the Age of Connected Machines.

Chris Conger, Erdos Miller I recently had the chance to sit down with Chris Conger,

Remotely view and analyze your LabVIEW measurements

The Internet and its technologies are constantly evolving. One of the most recent developments was that


Monitor all your assets – not just rotating machines.

In the past, when monitoring devices and equipment, the focus has clearly been set on

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How to choose the right device monitoring strategy

Head over to our page on LinkedIn to learn what to consider when working on

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How to get started with and LabVIEW – connect your machine to the cloud

Watch our short instructional video to learn how to get your machines and devices online

100 Dollar bills

Data is the new currency – monetize IoT solutions today!

As some put it, the Internet of Things has reached “peak hype“, the peak of

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a legcay device

Top 5 reasons to bring your machines online now.

In engineering today, many cloud-enabled tools are available to help increase productivity and simplify interacting