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You want your very own online solution. We understand.

The platform is ready to be used off-the-shelf. In addition, our experienced professional developers can also help you integrate into your existing ecosystem. We can help you implement online connectivity on your devices and machines and provide you and your customers state-of-the-art remote monitoring options. Based in Seattle, WA, we can provide custom web application development with a strong understanding of industrial needs and requirements. We can also deliver consulting and turn-key integration of test management software, such as NI LabVIEW, DIAdem or TestStand.

Your corporate identity. Preserved.

We know your CI is important. was built in a way that it can easily be integrated into existing web platforms. We can support you in adapting to your design guidelines for a seamless user experience.

Your interfaces. Customized.

Not only can help creating dashboards and implementing your design ideas. We also provide the technical expertise to interface with a variety of platforms - from PLCs to LabVIEW. When it comes to machines, many typical communication buses can be supported easily. Through its standardized API,'s web platform can be connected to practically any other web-based application and we can help you accomplish that.

Your equipment is unique. No problem.

You are building customized devices and equipment or test rigs. Each of them has their own capabilities and specifications. They are unique and need to be handled that way. is the perfect platform for this. We can help develop custom firmwares and interfaces to provide a streamlined user experience.

Your IT department. In the loop.

You can choose whether to subscribe to as a cloud-based data storage service or to host the data yourselves. Either way, we help out when defining the best possible strategy for your data storage needs. has competent professionals working with your IT department to find and implement the perfect solution for you.

Custom Web Site

Custom Dashboard Gadgets

LabVIEW Integration

Custom User Interfaces

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