daq.io and IRS enter strategic partnership

Complementing services and architectures for better turnkey solutions.

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I.R.S, S.r.l. and daq.io, LLC, both members of the National Instruments Alliance Partner program, agree to enter a strategic partnership to better serve the test & measurement market together.

Seattle-based technology firm daq.io provides a cloud-based visualization and data storage platform to enable engineering teams worldwide to quickly and easily leverage IIoT technologies for their scientific and industrial applications. The daq.io platform requires no setup on the client side and extends typical test and measurement applications written in NI LabVIEW™ with a historical database and customizable monitoring dashboards. daq.io clients can drastically reduce their development time for providing a powerful web interface to their users and enable remote maintenance with simple configuration steps.

With a strong background in test & measurement engineering and close focus on customer-oriented solutions, daq.io develops new and innovative products for the future of collaborative engineering.

IRS is an Engineering, Research and Development company founded in 1993, based in Padua, Italy, with its core competencies being: engineering, research and system development.

IRS is an experienced Gold Level NI Alliance Partner and a proven leader in development, manufacturing and delivery of test, measurement and control systems. IRS systems translate into value for customers thanks to technological innovation, advanced modeling and design as well as professional production and after sale services. IRS solutions and services serve these three focus areas: the design and development of systems to support industrial production and testing, the development and implementation of software and equipment for structural health monitoring, the research and realization of numerical models and simulation programs.

With this strategic alliance, both IRS and daq.io aim to serve their worldwide clients even better. By combining their expertise and creativity, they will be able to offer state-of-the-art turnkey solutions, best possible support and service and enable their clients to achieve better product quality and higher efficiency.