daq.io V2 – cloud storage for you measurements.

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We are excited to announce the daq.io V2 – cloud storage and IIoT platform. We have been working hard to bring you some great new features that enable you to make better decisions faster.

Updated LabVIEW toolkit

In order to use daq.io with LabVIEW, please upgrade to the latest LabVIEW toolkit V2 (available from the LabVIEW Tools Network). Existing code needs to be updated using the newest toolkit. Always find the latest version of the toolkit here: daq.io support forum

SSL Encryption:

By default, all communication from your devices to the cloud and in your online portal are now encrypted with state-of-the-art SSL technology.

System status at a a glance:

See how your distributed systems and devices are doing on your start page. The devices now indicate their status: green means “online”, red means they are in an “alarm” state. Click the status bar to immediately go to the dashboard or the alarms view, respectively. Furthermore, the page will automatically refresh if a device was generated by an external source, for instance a LabVIEW embedded device.

Device overview with live status indicator

Device overview with status indicator

Device with active alarm status

Alarm status active on device


Clone and delete devices from the table view

We also made it easier to clone or delete a device in the table view (Select “Table of Devices” in the gallery).

Table of Devices: delete and clone

Table view: deleting and cloning


Alarms and Actions

Another new function is the ability to set alarm threshold levels (LoLo, Lo, Hi, HiHi) for any data channel on your device. Send an email or text message* to an email address. Alarming can help identify issues and help with providing quick and efficient service. Reset or edit an alarm from the overview page.

A devices alarms page

Alarms overview for a device


Waveform views

From the data viewer you now can access your stored waveforms. Download and view existing waveforms.

Data Viewer with Waveforms

Data viewer with waveforms

Waveform Chart

Waveform chart


New functions in the Dashboard

Now you can add your device tags as variables to labels in the dashboard. Simply prefix the tag’s Key with a ‘$’ to display it live. Also, you can now adjust a gadget’s unit and its number of decimal places.

Updated Dashboard Editor

Updated Dashboard Editor – Tags

Edit Units

Edit units

Edit Decimal Places

Edit decimal places


Better galleries

Now all galleries (devices, events, files) are paged and searchable. Filter by keyword and immediately find what you are looking for.

Gallery pages and search

Gallery pages and search


New User Page

Access your user settings from the new user page. Change your password and your user settings. In a full account you can add other users and change their access settings. We also enabled a way for you to reset your passwords should you have lost or forgotten it.

User Settings Page

User Settings



Tokens are a way to authenticate embedded devices without having to specify a user name and password. This makes it easier to manage a larger fleet of embedded devices or to authorize devices you do not have physical access to. You can generate and assign tokens to devices. At this moment, the authentication is not finalized in the backend. For now we recommend using user and password for uploading data. We will provide updated examples featuring the tokens soon.

Feel free to sign up for your free account at https://dashboard.daq.io and download the LabVIEW toolkit (V2.0.0.5 or newer) to get started right away.