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daq.io features & benefits

daq.io is a powerful cloud-storage solution to view and analyze your distributed machine and test data online. Use daq.io to remotely monitor your devices and centralize your measurement data.

Flexibility | Get any measurement online.

daq.io is more than just a time-series database. It provides API calls to post live time series data values and waveform measurements. Easily import existing TDMS or CSV files.

daq.io can also store other files, such as PDF reports or image files. Add tags and comments to your measurements, your devices and your user accounts.

Generate events and alarms to monitor and supervise your devices.

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Ease of use | Get started instantly.

Sign up with daq.io and get started right away. Create your own dashboards and view demo data, immediately.

Download the LabVIEW toolkit and generate your own machine data right away.

Create your own device types, add custom dashboards for different users and create your own remote monitoring suite within minutes.

Scalability | Start small - think big.

daq.io can be the platform of choice to monitor five devices. But it has also proven to be the stable basis for hundreds of distributed test machines generating continuous measurement data.

daq.io has been built on the principles of simplicity and scalability. Using state-of-the-art database designs and features, such as Sharding, we can ensure continuous performance as your data and user base grow.

Reliability | Your data in good hands.

daq.io has been designed with a strong focus on data integrity, data security and data availability.

We have chosen all of daq.io's hosting providers, data storage and visualization platforms for their reliability, performance and reputation. We ensure automated backup of all measurement data - one less thing to worry about. Also, all communication channels can be securely encrypted.

daq.io - different ways to save you money.

Yes. Remotely monitoring your machines will lower your maintenance cost and increase your service quality.

We can provide a full-service application and help integrate it into your existing devices. Leveraging our powerful platform and easy-to-use API, we can upgrade existing machines for online monitoring and remote diagnostics. Use our subscription model to get started immediately.

Improve maintenance scheduling, lower maintenance cost, increase product life span and provide on online view of their assets to your customers. Get any measurement data online. Have your own historical database in the cloud and never worry about hosting all that data yourself. Build your very own solution using daq.io.

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If data security is your most-important concern and you need to confine all your measurement data within your corporation's network, we can help.

daq.io is not only available as a hosted solution but also as an on-premise server license. Work with us to customize the platform to fulfill your specific requirements. Your own measurement data management dashboards? Integration into ERP platforms? The sky is the limit!

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How can I get started?

Go to dashboard.daq.io and get your free account.