A few answers to common questions

How does daq.io use my personal data (GDPR compliance)?

In accordance with the European Data Protection laws (General Data Protection Regulation), we will provide all daq.io users access to any and all personal data we collect from them. We treat your personal data with utmost care:
- daq.io stores any personal data separate from device data.
- daq.io does not user your personal or contact data for any purpose other than getting in touch with you in regards to using our web platform and services.
- daq.io does not provide your data to any 3rd parties without your expressed consent.
- In the unlikely event of a data breach, we will inform all affected clients within 72hours of our knowledge.
- You have the right to view or delete any personal data that daq.io collected from you. If you are interested in receiving a report or removing your account, please contact us and we will immediately process your request.

How can I get my device online?

1. Sign up with daq.io
2. Download the daq.io tool from the LabVIEW Tools Network.
3. Open the example "daq.io Machine Example.vi" that was installed with the tool. Provide your credentials and run the example.
4. Click "Create Dashboard" in the LabVIEW Front Panel to generate a predefined dashboard online
5. Open the daq.io dashboard and analyze your data.

Find an instructional getting-started video on our Youtube Channel

I have trouble logging in!

1. Make sure you did not see any error messages while trying to sign up with daq.io
2. Use your full email address and password to log in.
3. In case you lost your password, click "Forgot your Password?" on the login screen and reset your password accordingly.
4. Contact us if the issue persists

What can I use daq.io for?

There are many possible use cases. A perfect scenario is distributed data logging and system monitoring. With daq.io you can remotely view and analyze multiple data sources, ie. machines, devices, prototypes, data loggers, etc. You can continuously stream operational and measurement data, system events and useful files. Upload and view waveforms to analyze certain intervals in more detail. Furthermore, we can extend and customize daq.io to fulfill other requirements, as well. This ranges from lab automation to worldwide deployments of data loggers.

How can I stream my measurement data?

The free account of daq.io will allow you to perform typical monitoring operations with refresh rates of up to 1s. If you need to store high-resolution measurements, please store them as "waveform" data and upload the waveforms accordingly. Refer to the shipping "daq.io Machine Example".

Where can I go for support?

Just shoot us an email at info@daq.io or use the contact form under Contact us.

Do I need LabVIEW to upload data?

No. While daq.io can provide an easy-to-use cloud dashboard for LabVIEW, the daq.io API itself is open and can be accessed with any programming language that supports https post commands. Learn more about the API here.

I have trouble running the examples on a NI RIO platform (myRIO, CompactRIO, SingleboardRIO)

Please make sure the following services are installed in the RIO software (see MAX -> RIO device -> Add/Remove Software):
- HTTP Client
- HTTP Client with SSL Support
- NI System Configuration
- NI System Configuration Remote Support
- SSL Support for LabVIEW RT
- System State Publisher
- Variable Client Support for LabVIEW RT

If the issue persists, please contact us.

How can I get started?

Go to dashboard.daq.io and get your free account.