February 2017 Release

Be More Efficient with daq.io

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to release the latest changes and improvements to the daq.io platform. We rolled out an update to dashboard.daq.io today that provides a large number of improvements in many aspects:

More Dashboard Functionality

  • Display one or more waveforms in a “Waveform Chart” in the dashboard. The latest waveform data for the selected channels will be shown. Use this for processed data and data that is not time series data in general.
  • Have images “auto-refresh” in the dashboard. This allows to easily include webcams. The browser will refresh the image in the interval you assign.

Improved Alarms

  • Set alarms on Events. Trigger on specific values (case-sensitive strings) or trigger on any value for an Event. For instance, if your client device pushes a DEVICE_ERROR event, you can trigger an alarm that will send the payload to your email immediately.
  • Better alarm emails: Alarm emails will now always include the device name, channel or event name and the value that triggered the alarm.
  • For channels, select one or more alarm settings and set their values independently. For instance, one alarm may only trigger “LO”, i.e. below a certain threshold.

Improved Device View

  • If a device has an active alarm, clicking on it in the map will lead you to its alarm overview page.
  • Fixed an issue with the GPS position being slightly off.

Useful User Profile

  • Your user profile now stores your home GPS coordinates. Your device map will center to that location if your browser location cannot be determined.
  • The user profile also stores your favorite device view (Map, Previews or Table).
  • For each device, your data viewer settings (selected channels, stacked vs. single chart) will be stored in your profile.

Updated LabVIEW Client:

  • You can now replace files in the daq.io file storage, e.g. to build your own webcam. To demonstrate this, we updated the File Upload example.
  • Multiple small fixes and improvements for stability and the updated data structure of the daq.io database.
  • Please update your toolkit. Please find the latest version here¬†http://www.daq.io/daq_io_lib_daq_io_labview_api-

Your experience:

Feel free to log on right now and try out the new features. We’re always happy to receive feedback from you.