LabVIEW and thin clients

How to provide a web interface to your applications

For those of you who attended NI Week, you might recall a demo on the second day keynote, showing off a tighter integration of web technologies and LabVIEW: As part of future NI technologies, web frontends will become a vital element of test & measurement applications, built into next generation NI products. Oftentimes, providing a solution for LabVIEW and thin clients is already a requirement today.

In many corporate environments, thin clients have become the main interface for many test & measurement applications, both in R&D and production. From tracing yield and production data in real-time on a tablet or viewing product quality information of a long-term durability test in a browser, to remotely viewing manufacturing facilities abroad, LabVIEW applications that were traditionally considered stand-alone now often play an integral part of a larger-scale enterprise system to collect and visualize all kinds of data. This leads to challenges when developing software for such an environment: Many LabVIEW experts are electrical engineers with a powerful understanding of the systems to be integrated and visualized. However, developing scalable and re-usable web interfaces can be a cumbersome endeavor and certainly differs greatly from the rapid-prototyping experience that LabVIEW typically delivers. Today, adding a useful thin-client interface to a LabVIEW application requires deep domain knowledge and experience and should not be taken lightly.

LabVIEW and thin-clients interface

Customized look and feel of a thin-client interface

We at have extensive experience in both fields: Real-world LabVIEW applications and custom web development. The platform can be an off-the-shelf solution for many needs, when it comes to rapidly building a monitoring application for distributed systems. One example are distributed test beds that you would like to monitor in a browser. Another use case consists of data loggers that continuously push data to a central location to be accessed by many different scientists and engineers. Our cloud platform works like a charm for these applications and you can simply sign up to try it out right away.

What if you need to integrate other data sources into your web applications? What if you would like to adapt your web-interface to your in-house user authorization? What if you have to feed your results into an ERP system?

Then please contact us.

We can provide consulting services to adapt our existing platforms and templates to fit your requirements rapidly. We can also build your own customized interface from scratch. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as React.js and Node.js and building on web standards such as Bootstrap, we can make sure your clients will get the best possible user experience very quickly. We develop in pure Javascript and HTML5, avoiding third-party browser plugins, making mobile interfaces for phones and tablets available from the start.

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