Monitoring a Race Car.

Race Weekend in Seattle.

At we had a pretty exciting Memorial Day weekend this year. Our friend Matthias of CGS Automotive came to Seattle to pick up and test drive his new race car (a modified Scion FR-S). After he got his car just-in-time to qualify for the SCCA US Majors race in Kent on Sunday, he did a terrific job driving and achieved the 3rd place in class T4. Congratulations, Matthias! We’re proud that Matthias chose as a sponsor for his team.

Matthias is president of CGS Automotive Inc. Based in Orion, Michigan, CGS provides expertise in automated test systems, both in hardware and software. As an NI Alliance Partner, the CGS Group is an established integrator of automated test platforms in the automotive space. They are experts for automotive sensor testing and provide custom modules to integrate the SENT bus into any NI CompactRIO system: CGS Intelligent Sensor Read Module

We will be utilizing CGS’ devices and integrating the data acquisition and monitoring platform into the car. We are working to equip it with sensors and an embedded CompactRIO data acquisition platform by National Instruments. This will allow us to continuously monitor important operational parameters, such as OBD data and temperatures. Streaming this data live to the paddocks helps to supervise the overall health of the car. Using historical data from multiple races can help identify trends in the data. By analyzing these trends, we expect to further optimize the car’s characteristics in the future.

And now please enjoy some impressions from the race:


Stay tuned for updates on the car!