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February 2017 Release

Hello everyone, We’re excited to release the latest changes and improvements to the daq.io platform.

daq.io LabVIEW API update 1.1.1 with on-device buffering

Download LabVIEW API V Hello everyone, we have had a couple of productive weeks

Engineering Solutions in the Age of Connected Machines.

Chris Conger, Erdos Miller I recently had the chance to sit down with Chris Conger,

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How to choose the right device monitoring strategy

Head over to our page on LinkedIn to learn what to consider when working on

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How to get started with daq.io and LabVIEW – connect your machine to the cloud

Watch our short instructional video to learn how to get your machines and devices online

100 Dollar bills

Data is the new currency – monetize IoT solutions today!

As some put it, the Internet of Things has reached “peak hype“, the peak of

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a legcay device

Top 5 reasons to bring your machines online now.

In engineering today, many cloud-enabled tools are available to help increase productivity and simplify interacting

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Do you learn from your engineering mistakes?

The M2M (machine-to-machine communication) market has been growing for quite some time. Mostly used for remote servicing

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daq.io connects your device to the Internet of Things.

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things. In Europe, “Industrie 4.0” and its interconnected,