The story behind – from its inception to where it is now – has been a joint effort of a successful National Instruments Alliance Partner: Erdos Miller, based in Houston, TX and Peter Adelhardt, a former National Instruments and Alliance Partner employee from Germany. Both experienced in consulting and integrating test and measurement applications, recognized early on that limiting the field of test&measurement to a static and locally confined matter, is simply not going far enough.

Erdos Miller, well connected in the Energy segment, realized that their customers need a way to centralize many distributed data sources. While in traditional industrial environments, large-scale SCADA platforms are well established, in many growing business segments such as Solar Power and Oil & Gas, component and product manufacturers are looking for more modern, flexible and web-based alternatives to monitor and analyze their system statuses and acquired data.

Not only industrial machine manufacturers benefit from such a platform. The platform allows, for instance, manufacturers of household items to supervise and control their prototypes in the field, feeding back important real-life data. Labs and engineers get the chance to build web-based monitoring into their application, while continuing to use the tools they are familiar with, such as LabVIEWTM.

Thus, the name. stands for Data AcQuisition being connected to the Internet Of Things. Ok, that explanation is a bit of a stretch. However, we believe that will expand any typical “DAQ” application, give it a broader scope and help manufacturers, engineers and scientists to create better products and solutions for us all.