Welcome to daq.io

Welcome to daq.io  – the new platform to manage your machine and measurement data online.

These days everyone is talking about the Internet of Things and how all machines and devices will be connected in the future. Ideas such as cyber-physical systems and “Industry 4.0”, revolutionizing the world as we know it, get pitched. Visionaries all around try and manufacture benefits that are hard to grasp and do not apply to everyone. Nobody really know what this future will look like, but everyone keeps talking about it.

daq.io is different from that. We use proven technologies to offer you concrete benefits today. daq.io helps you preserve and optimize your assets. By providing a monitoring solution to your existing machines and devices, daq.io allows you to change the way you define maintenance. By allowing more insight into you assets, daq.io will help you improve scheduling your maintenance operations, benchmarking your devices and finally offering a more fully featured product to your customers.

We hope you are as excited as we are to try daq.io and bring your machines online, today.